SMF Newsletter

Saturnus Market Forecasting Newsletter

Saturnus Market Forecasting Newsletter

  1. With Great Pleasure, I have the honor to introduce Saturnus Market Forecasting Newsletter.
  2. The Free Trial (Saturnus Trading Carnival) would begin from 26th June and would end on 17th July, God Willing. Following which the service would be available at a very small fee of just 2499 INR per month, payable in advance.
  3. This is an introductory offer, fees could be raised from time to time. The fees would be non refundable
  4. All Notifications/Updates/Alerts would be sent through e-mail, SMS, and Skype, apart from being published on the Saturnus Blog – under the paid version.
  5. The Newsletter would publish my own trades, which would include Day Trading ideas, and Swing Trading ideas
  6. There are only 20 Subscriptions on the offer. The subscriptions shall be awarded on the first come first served basis.
  7. Subscriptions for the month starting from 20th July till 19th August 2015, are now open
  8. The Banking Details could be found by clicking HERE
  9. More details to follow. Please also check the Services Page HERE
  10. God Willing. Thanks for your patience